The Witch and the Wizard in Wonderland:
Spring2012 - narrative sequence - The Witch and the Wizard in Wonderland. Left Handed Indian Ink Drawings

Mrs Tax:
Winter 2011 - narrative sequence - Mrs Tax. Left Handed Drawings

In Search of the Beast:
summer 2011 - narrative sequence - In Search of the Beast AKA Beauty & The Beast. Left Handed Drawings

The Diamond Tree:
spring 2011 - narrative sequence - The Diamond Tree - Searching for the elusive diamond tree, prospectors reconcile their differences with the indigenous population, offering goodwill and peace in exchange for hidden treasure.

Yell 0#:
winter 2011 - narrative sequence - Yell 0# - issue 0 of the grassroots comic Yell.

Winter 2010 - 2 Xmess cards - From the modern world

summer 2010 - narrative sequence - Royal - A religious saga where the bone of righteousness offers you a once in a life time chance to fight the evil hordes.
Stay on the path of justice and freedom for all decent thinking beings,
and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

Seven Days:
spring 2010 - narrative sequence - Seven Days - Three little rascals were out playing with their net...

Why We Missed The Boat:
winter 2010 - narrative sequence - Why We Missed The Boat - a three colour screen printed limited edition interview of who and why they missed Noah's boat.

King Kong:
autumn 2009 - narrative sequence - King Kong - a three colour screen printed limited edition fractured story of Cain & Abel.

summer 2009 - narrative sequence - Hemorrhoids - One of the many wonders of life.

The Roar 05# - GodZilla:
summer 2009 - narrative sequence - The Roar 05# - issue 05 - a three colour screen printed limited edition of the grassroots comic "The Roar" starring GodZilla.

The Roar 04#:
spring 2009 - narrative sequence - The Roar 04# - issue 04 of the grassroots comic The Roar.

Flood's a Coming:
spring 2009 - narrative sequence - Flood's a Coming - A four page narrative published in issue 2 of Ink Soup.

Her Third Eye:
winter 2008 - narrative sequence - Her Third Eye - A four page narrative published in the first edition of Ink Soup.

The Roar issue 1#, 2# & 3#:
autumn 2008 - narrative sequence - The Roar issue 1#, 2# & 3# - A4 grassroot booklets on The Roar.

summer 2008 - narrative sequence - Raaaa - Another 48 page you fill the blank bubble narrative. Based on the experiences of a demanding father and his overbearing watchful eye.

The Lonely Lemon:
spring 2008 - The Lonely Lemon - Stage 3 - inspired from a drawing/writing project with Tina Freeth - collaborative illustration
Stage 2 - Tina's first draft of The Lonely lemon here

Lemon Boy:
spring 2008 - Lemon Boy Series of images for the Lemon Boy

Killer Tomatoes:
spring 2008 - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! - inspired from an email communication - collaborative illustration for the 1970's film: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

Yellow, Red & Blue:
spring 2008 - collaborative picture book - Far away on planet Chaos, insects, robots and humans battle to see who will end up on the last page.

The Smoking Eyebrow:
winter 2007 - narrative sequence - The Smoking Eyebrow - A 48 page you fill the blank bubble narrative.
with text version added winter 2008

My Eye Is On Fire:
autumn 2007 - narrative ramblings - The following stories bear whatever resemblance to any persons or characters either real or fictional that you would like to make out.

Sugar and Spice may not be so nice:
summer 2007 - narrative mural illustration - Axe Valley Community College two day collaborative mural project.
With the help of Charles Sinclair (Head of Art), a team of lower sixth formers are taken through a process consisting of three design stages. After the mural is completed narratives are then constructed.
thanks to Robin Cross (a.k.a. RX) for the title of the story

spring 2007 - narrative illustration - Publishing Illustrated Short Stories.
Collaborations brought together by the desire to make and publish short illustrated stories into simple book formats for audiences to enjoy.
In this first series, the books are predominantly "we draw, you imagine the story", but in some cases the inclusions of text have been used to delineate clearer narrative concepts.

The Evilest Onion:
winter 2006 - narrative illustration - Once upon a time there lived a really evil onion.
A short narrative sequence developed from images produced in the one minute wander "Big Draw" event.

One Minute Wander:
winter 2006 - drawing workshop - In this Big Draw workshop, visitors collaborate on a large drawing, wandering to different parts at the sound of a timer.
No time to get precious or worry about aesthetic preconceptions
It's easy to get lost as you wander and wonder as the drawing comes alive.

Zombies In My Garden:
autumn 2006 - sketches
Sketches for a narrative on garden zombies.

The Bog Roll Creatures:
summer 2006 - toilet rolls versus vinyl & plush - series II
materials: scissors, a toilet roll, pen marks.

Monkey, Tree & Robot:
summer 2006 - narrative illustration - Monkey, Tree & Robot looks at how a controlled set of random stimulus,
exchanged between two people, can drive different visual interpretations,
and how those visual interpretations can then be re-interpreted into a visual narrative.
The whole process, as well as the sketches sent to Eeshaun

Shadow Drawings:
spring 2006 - drawing studies - Made from torn sheets of folded A4,A5 & A6 sheets. Initally made for a specific background set up, the more spontaneously taken photos, helped the discovery that more arresting visual interpretations could be taken from different light and dark locations. These studies will eventually lead into a narrative of sorts.

Stairwell to Hell:
spring 2006 - collaborative drawing narrative - An experience between Roo, Tsz & I. When a wall space was offered up for a remake, an opportunity to experiment with a large scale collaborative narrative arose. Since then, both artists have returned to their respective countries, and the wall has been painted over by building services.

Bounce & Feed:
winter 2005 - drawing workshop - Collaborative drawing using trigger sentences to motivate participation
watching other people engage by BOUNCING off other people's drawings, adding and expanding
with marks, lines, shapes, objects and ideas.
Trigger questions such as "what's growing out of his nose?" helped FEED the narrative imagination
and create unexpected visual responses.

winter 2005 - drawing workshop - In this free drop-in workshop, visitors were invited to make
'body-maps', mapping out parts of the body by observing their friends and family
through Perspex plates, and drawing onto acetate sheets.
The drawings were then cut and layered in various combinations to create 'blueprints',
exploring visions of new and exciting species.

Noah's Tale:
winter 2005 - updated summer 2006 - narrative illustration - A story that began from one
bedtime drawing that eventually blossomed into a much larger series and into an expanded fractured tale.

Bedtime Drawings & Tales:
autumn 2005 - sketches for possible narratives - Drawings made just before bedtime with tales added on after.
Making unintentional images in order to invent equally spontaneous stories.
more illustrations here

Collaborative Drawings:
summer 2005 - collaborative drawing - Collaboration with Eeshaun aka GardenSilly
Motivated by the desire to respond to a sympathetic visual language,
a conversation developed that was held primarily by a spontaneous glue.
Through back and forth online correspondence, scanning and printing, here are several studies.

Exquisite Corpses:
summer 2005 - collaborative drawing - Collaboration with Oscar (age 06).
Sometimes referred to as "consequences", these folded suprises were originally a technique used by the Surrealists.

Mark Making Creatures:
spring 2005 - mark making experiment - Homage to the pilot 1.6 biro.
Designs made originally for the big draw event held at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham October 2004.
The Biro is not generally regarded as an expressive mark making medium, and yet with a little help from
rubber bands, sellotape, string, and rolled up newspaper, all kinds of exotic mark making creatures have appeared.

Pigs & Wolves:
spring 2004 - narrative from sketches - There has always been pigs and there has always been wolves.
Sometimes they call them Politicians and sometimes they call them Terrorists.

Strange fruit liquids:
autumn 2003 - interactive characters - Like the circus mirrors that alter our body, you are invited to tease the characters into different forms

Moral Circus:
autumn 2002 - updated summer 2006 - animated illustration - "A mysterious circus comes to a western town bearing wonders and characters
that entertain the inhabitants and teach valuable lessons..."
illustrations here & here

Studies for Punch & Judy:
autumn 2001 - drawn studies & experiments - Studies for Punch & Judy, looking into utilizing
inverse kinematics as an integral part of the narrative progression.
rollover menu of five of the characters

Snow White:
summer 2001 - interactive narrative - Snow White in modern popular culture.
"A survey of American schoolchildren found that ninety-six percent could identify Ronald McDonald. The only fictional character with a higher degree of recognition was Santa Claus." (Pearson)
screengrabs + gameover

Little Red Riding-Hood:
spring 2001 - interactive narrative - Persecution and shameless lies, mothers that spend all day baking wolfpies,
daughters with razor sharp teeth to go with their razor sharp minds, what kind of fool would want to be a wolf?
A visual re-interpretation of a classic tale.
illustrations here